Meet me someday

We are two different tails
Big Oceans, big blue whales
Only we meet in my thoughts
And only I’d know what thoughts
Practically its impossible , illusionary
Tracks we changed some life , past
Hope we meet again for good
No lust , in cities none wood
Cities move fast , lights in nights not last
Meet me somewhere
Someday sometime
Busy you are , you be , busy for us ,no time we
None was our , all we flee
Meet me someday ,I plea

15 thoughts on “Meet me someday

  1. This is a nice effort. I like that you’re trying to play with two very disparate symbols in the Ocean & the City. The line, “No lust, in cities none wood” is especially evocative and is an interesting double entendre. The poem seems to be missing a bit of connective tissue, however, between the Ocean & the City, between the speaker’s desires and the person to whom the poem is addressed – the “you”. Or, if there is no connective tissue (which may be the driving point here), spend a few words to further delinate the Ocean from the City, the speaker from the object. Keep at it and good luck!

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    1. Thank-you so much for the review 😊 well I was addressing to the soulmate … The whole poem evolves to inspire soulmates confidence and time . I’ll try to make it more subtle , thanks again

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