A Sunny Day – Air’d Snore

Old pegion’s fly

Breaks out, the feather

I sit beneath inn

In the Moderate weather

Loo’s are cold,

Just like Rays if bold

Those Sunshine rays

All Bird all shares

On air up all hayes

Up to they could ,

To some mountain top

Endeavour the fear

To the height they could go

None would fear

All entities ,let’s go

Wide Breeze

Goes nowhere,

Where they destined to

To only they knew

Must they go, somewhere

Will get to love in the trapped sphere

Same all same, patterns show

Friends befriended and let go

To my roof too they come

Making questionable marks know

Everyday and everytime of the minute to core

Peace’ they leave

Some marks naïve

Air’d snore

Pesonel Website https://jatinnanda.portfoliobox.net

Instagram : iamjatinnanda ( https://www.instagram.com/iamjatinnanda/ )

Email : iamjatinnanda@gmail.com

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