Future’ Me ( Blogspot 3 of 3 )

A letter to me from future :

I see you in 10 years , I stand here I’m me

Im really confused as I predict where I’ll be

I have no clue to this problem , shall be

Be it be ,a big bad misery

Couldn’t wait to see I, if I make it

I promise God here, I make leave

Forget the attachment and sacrifice ,I here

Grind myself , glad I shall be

I don’t need what I desire … I have a lot up there

Enjoy the grill , enjoy it he

He is a guy ,who you chase you be

Still confused forever he’ll be

Focus on the good , bad shall deem

Possible to get a partner, get it for me

Misery be a pleasure , be it forever, I tend to be

I’ll eventually be happy for whatever I might be

Photo Credits : Shruti

{ The link of the original blog is : ( body.soul.spirit ) http://iamjatinnanda.blogspot.com/2017/10/bodysoulspirit.html }

Pesonel Website https://jatinnanda.portfoliobox.net

Instagram : iamjatinnanda ( https://www.instagram.com/iamjatinnanda/ )

Email : iamjatinnanda@gmail.com

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