I’m No Game 

Walking together under the moon cause it’s late

Knowing the stake , as I speak wisely and make no mistake

The rush was good , since those times were great

Look around, I look with no hate

You are there , with all my mind I’m awake

I see the patterns in you , patterns I relate

Within that phone , am I a Bait

Was all a game ? Or am I played ?

Confused as I look , nights become Haze

Can we be in no play, crazier gets the phase

You were the dream I had ,

I woke up and pen’nd , in the middle of the night

And this phase is closest you could get off my sight

” Eyes are wide , cheeks are red ,

With no play, we can take it far ahead

To the cloud maybe , then to some star

Historical we might our story

Story of a pissant kid ,who got glory

Of love and happiness in the same astral ”

Pesonel Website https://jatinnanda.portfoliobox.net

Instagram : iamjatinnanda ( https://www.instagram.com/iamjatinnanda/ )

Email : iamjatinnanda@gmail.com

21 thoughts on “I’m No Game 

  1. You have objectified the feeling of lover. Writing such poems is to live in that moment with character to whom you are going to express in your writing. It is the sense of liveliness which make alive even the concreted things.

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